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cGlobalInfosatdata Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void CheckMissed (int ActualPacket)
bool CheckReceivedAll ()
int Day ()
bool GetBit (int Bitnumber)
const char * GetFile () const
void Init (char *File, int Day, int Month, int Packetcount)
int Load (int fd)
int Missed ()
int Month ()
bool NeverSeen (int Day, int Month, int Packetcount)
bool ReceivedAll ()
int ReceivedPercent ()
void ResetReceivedAll ()
int Save (int fd)
void SetBit (int Bitnumber, bool Value)
void SetLastPkt (int ActualPacket)

Public Attributes

bool Processed
int Unlocated

Private Attributes

u_char bitfield [8192]
u_char day
char file [1024]
int lastpkt
int missed
u_char month
u_short pktcnt
bool receivedall
int receivedpercent

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file global.h.

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