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cInfosatevent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

const char * Addition (void) const
const char * Announcement (void) const
const char * Category (void) const
int Content (void) const
const char * Country (void) const
int Days ()
const char * Description (void) const
int Duration (void) const
const char * Episode (void) const
tEventID EventID (void) const
const char * ExtEPG (void)
int FSK (void) const
const char * Genre (void) const
const char * Original (void) const
const char * Rating (void) const
void SetAddition (const char *Addition)
void SetAnnouncement (const char *Announcement)
void SetCategory (const char *Category)
void SetCategoryByID (int i)
void SetContentDescriptor (int Content)
void SetCountry (const char *Country)
void SetDescription (const char *Description)
void SetDuration (int Duration)
void SetEpisode (const char *Episode)
void SetEventDays (int Days)
void SetEventID (tEventID EventID)
void SetEventUsage (int Usage)
void SetFSK (int FSK)
void SetGenre (const char *Genre)
void SetGenreByID (int i)
void SetOriginal (const char *Original)
void SetRating (const char *Rating)
void SetShortText (const char *ShortText)
void SetStartTime (time_t StartTime)
void SetTitle (const char *Title)
void SetYear (int Year)
const char * ShortText (void) const
time_t StartTime (void) const
const char * Title (void) const
int Usage ()
int Year (void) const

Private Attributes

char * addition
char * announcement
char * category
int content
char * country
int days
char * description
int duration
char * episode
tEventID eventID
char * extepg
int fsk
char * genre
char * original
char * rating
char * shorttext
time_t startTime
char * title
int usage
int year

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file process.h.

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